Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finally... back in!

I moved a couple of years ago and changed email providers.... in all of that, I forgot my password and which email account I had used to set this blog up. I have not been able to get back in! I finally found a note I sent to my work place and had hidden away for safe keeping... sheesh.... a little too safe, I'd say!

I have been working with SelfDesign for 6 years now, and LOVING it.... it's a great fit and I have met some amazing learners and their families. However, another very interesting piece for me has been my work with soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

The neuropsychologist for this garrison has been a long time supporter of the Comprehension program that I do, a beefed up version of Visualizing and Verbalizing, and has been prescribing it therapeutically for years. I have a started applying it in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder situations with these brave men and women. Needless to say, these young soldiers see and do some things that most of us never have to think about. I can't imagine putting my head down on the pillow at night to fall into a deep and restful sleep, having experienced what these people have experienced. War takes a toll, that's a given. Some handle it better than others. From what I have seen and been told by these soldiers, the ones who ask for help and receive it are by far, more successful in their recovery.

The pre and post test results are amazing. It's not unusual to see improvement of an average of two standard deviations in all areas tested. I am going to be testing this program on learners with other neurological impairments that affect learning. I am thinking there are huge implications for FASD, as well as ADHD and PTSD.
Exciting times!

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